mist_backends - Manage backends in the mist.io service


New in version 1.7.1.

Manage multi-cloud backends through mist.io service. You can add/remove multiple backends from multiple providers through mist.io service. Before you can provision, monitor etc machines through mist.io, you have to first add a backend to the mist.io service. Mist.io supports EC2, Rackspace, Openstack, Linode, Google Compute Engine, SoftLayer, Digital Ocean, Nephoscale, Bare metal servers, Docker containers, HP Cloud, Azure, VmWare - Vcloud, KV``libvirt``, mist_email and mist_password can be skipped if ~/.mist config file is present. See documentation for config file http://mistclient.readthedocs.org/en/latest/cmd/cmd.html


parameter required default choices comments
mist_email no
    Email to login to the mist.io service
    mist_password no
      Password to login to the mist.io service
      mist_uri no https://mist.io
        Url of the mist.io service. By default https://mist.io. But if you have a custom installation of mist.io you can provide the url here
        provider no
          Provider id for the backend you want to add to mist.io. You can see all the providers ids using the mist_providers module.
          state no
          • present
          • absent
          If provided it will instruct the module to trigger backend actions, otherwise it will only list information
          title no
            The title you want the backend to have


            - name: Add EC2 backend
                title: MyEC2
                provider: ec2
                api_key: kjhf98y9lkj0909kj90edffwwf432fd
                api_secret: LKHLKjlkdlkho8976dhjkjhd987987
                region: ec2_ap_northeast
                state: present
            - name: Add Rackspace backend
                title: MyRackspace
                provider: rackspace
                region: dfw
                username: rack_username
                api_key: sadlkjnjkhbi0HBCG
                state: present
            - name: Add Nephoscale backend
                title: MyNepho
                provider: nephoscale
                username: nepho_user
                password: nepho_pass
                state: present
            - name: Add SoftLayer backend
                title: MySoftLayer
                provider: softlayer
                username: SL09890
                api_key: kjhdskjhad987987098sdlkhjlajslkj
                state: present
            - name: Add Digital Ocena backend
                title: MyDigi
                provider: digitalocean
                token: oiulksdjkjhd0987098lkahkjdhkj....
                state: present
            - name: Add Google Compute Engine backend
                title: GCE
                provider: gce
                email: my.gce.email@gce
                project_id: electron-25
                private_key: /path/to/locally/stored/private_key
                state: present
            - name: Add Azure backend
                title: AZURE
                provider: azure
                subscription_id: lkjafh-08jhkl-09kljlj...
                certificate: /path/to/locally/saved/certificate
                state: present
            - name: Add Linode backend
                title: MyLinode
                provider: linode
                api_key: dlkjdljkd0989yKGFgjgc86798ohkl
                state: present
            - name: Add Bare Metal (or any server with ssh access)
                title: MyOtherServer
                provider: bare_metal
                machine_user: myuser
                machine_key: name_of_key_added_to_mist.io
                machine_port: 22
                state: present
            - name: Add vCloud backend
                title: MyVCLOUD
                provider: vcloud
                username: vuser
                password: vpass
                organization: Mist.io
                host: compute.idcloudonline.com
                state: present
            - name: Add Indonesian vCloud backend
                title: IndoVCLOUD
                provider: indonesian_vcloud
                username: vuser
                password: vpass
                organization: Mist.io
                state: present
            - name: Add KVM(libvirt) backend
                title: MyKVM
                provider: libvirt
                machine_user: root
                machine_key: name_of_key_added_to_mist.io
                state: present
            - name: Add HP Cloud backend
                title: MyHP
                provider: hpcloud
                region: region-a.geo-1
                username: hpuser
                password: hppass
                tenant_name: my_tenant
                state: present
            - name: Add Openstack backend
                title: MyOPENSTACK
                provider: openstack
                username: user
                password: pass
                tenant_name: admin
                region: my_region_if_exists
                state: present
            - name: Add Docker backend
                title: MyDOCKER
                provider: docker
                docker_port: 4243
                auth_user: user if I have Basic HTTP AUTH setup
                auth_password: pass if I have Basic HTTP AUTH setup
                key_file: path to key file if I have TLS setup
                cert_file: path to cert file if I have TLS setup
            - name: List information about DigitalOcean backend
                mist_email: your@email.com
                mist_password: yourpassword
                backend: DigitalOcean
              register: backend