Release 0.3.0 (released Nov 18,2014)

Featured added:

  • Repackage mist.client to mist
  • Refactor mistclient.machines and mistclient.backends
  • client.machines, client.backends, client.keys are now lists instead of dicts
  • Refactor the mist command line tool
  • Add mist run capability

Release 0.1.0 (released Sep 3, 2014)

Features added:

  • mist command line interface
  • Add client.backend_from_name, client.backend_from_id and client.search_backend methods
  • Add backend.machine_from_name, backend.machine_from_id, backend.machine_from_ip and backend.search_machine methods
  • client.backends is now a dict with backend ids as dict.keys
  • backend.machines is now a dict with machine ids as dict.keys

Bugs fixed:

  • #5: Fix pip hanging up when installing requirements for the first time
  • #6: Fix mist sync when syncing Bare Metal Backends